Motor Vehicles

We provide distribution through every International gateway using either Air, Sea or Road Transportation, dependent on the deadlines, the type and scale of the consignment, the ultimate destination and the precise individual needs of the client.

Cars can be driven onto a Roll on Roll off (Ro-Ro) vessel that is by far the cheapest method of shipping vehicles. These are purpose built vessels with ramps designed purely for the shipment of cars. Safe, under deck, effective, economical and quick. If it can be driven, we can ship it.

These vessels also carry non motorised vehicles like boats on trailers or non roadworthy vehicles like heavy plant and machinery on steel tracks. From tractors to trucks to combines, whatever your requirements, we can ship it.

On Ro-Ro vessels all cargo is shipped under deck and are secured in the hold, wind and water tight. Vehicles are driven on at the departure port, invariably Southampton, Bristol or Tilbury and driven off at your destination port. We can collect your car from you if you prefer not to deliver it yourself.

Container Shipment...

In the absence of any Ro-Ro services your vehicle will have to be loaded direct into a 20ft or 40ft steel shipping container, depending on your needs, packed for loading direct into the ships hold.

Personal care must be taken in securing your vehicle into the container. Cars need to be lashed to the flooring rings of the container by ratchet straps and the wheels must be locked into position by wooden chocks.

This is your container for your use only and you may load other items to fill the space. Should you be relocating, shipping your personal effects please discuss your requirements with us.

Vehicles that are able to be shipped in containers are loaded at our warehouse by ramp or we can arrange for vehicles to be loaded into containers nearer your location. Larger vehicles, tractors dumpsters etc. may require collection on specialised vehicles for transport to the docks.

Motorcycle Shipping...

For information regarding the shipping of motorcycles see our Worldwide Motorcycle Shipping page.

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